3 Reasons Why Personal Training Should Begin Before New Years

Personal TrainingDid you know that the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s?

Personally, I believe that if you’re interested in living a healthy lifestyle, now is the time to start! Don’t wait until you step on the scale and experience those feelings of guilt for letting your workouts slide over the holidays. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t wait until after the start of the New Year to benefit from working with a personal trainer:

  1. Avoid Weight Gain. It’s no secret that holiday parties and festivities can promote weight gain. By going into the holiday season with a personal trainer, you’ll have a specific plan and strategies in place to help you make smart choices, keep up with your exercise routine, and come out in January looking better than you imagined.
  2. Focus on Nutrition. Your body is like an engine. Without the proper fuel, it won’t run as well as it could. Sweets, alcohol, and holiday parties aren’t always ideal for your waistline. Through personal training and nutrition coaching, I can show you the best ways to enjoy some of your favourite foods without sacrificing your overall goals.
  3. Form Good Habits. If you enter the holiday season already prepared and focused on your goals, you’ll fare much better than waiting to get back in to the swing of things come January. With personal training, I make living a healthy lifestyle part of your daily routine.

If “weight loss” is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, break the cycle! Contact me today to find out how with personal training and nutrition coaching, I can help you stay on top of your goals throughout the entire year.