3 Reasons Why the Latest, Trendy Weight Loss Diet Will Fail

create a weight loss diet that will give you actual results

It is a sad fact that billions of dollars every year are spent on extreme diet plans, all trying to accomplish one thing: quick, easy weight loss. The truth is that permanent and sustainable weight loss is neither quick nor easy. A true weight loss diet doesn’t force you to eat cabbage soup or eliminate major food groups for no dietary reason, but instead will focus on feeding your body to give it the nutrition and energy it craves! I want to help you with a true weight loss diet plan, but first I want to give you a few reasons why that latest weight loss diet craze will eventually fail:

1.  Unsustainable. Most all weight loss diets will work temporarily, but most, if not all of them, are unsustainable. It’s difficult to impossible to keep up with a weight loss diet that makes you stray so far from your habits or lifestyle that it is impossible to keep up with. Furthermore, weight loss diets where only certain things are allowed or forbidden quickly get dull.

2.  Restrictive. Most weight loss diets are going to have a few restrictions, there have to be changes to make changes in your body. However, many extreme diets are so restrictive to the point where entire food groups are now off-limits! These extreme restrictions can end up in un-met cravings and an unhealthy relationship with your food.

3.  Ill-focused. A sustainable weight loss diet focuses on healthy cooking, finding new recipes, and getting the right nutrients for your activity goals and age. Other weight loss diets are focused on weight loss alone- no matter the cost or long-term results.

I would love to help you create a weight loss diet that will give you actual results and a positive outlook! Please call me today and let’s talk about healthy weight loss diet for you!

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