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6 Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Should be Your Newest Business Strategy [infographic]

Helping your employees stay healthy and active isn’t just good for your workforce; it’s also good for the way you do business. From increasing employee engagement and morale to reducing absenteeism, there are many reasons why corporate wellness should be your business’ new focus. I’m here to help you create a healthier workforce with my wellness seminars and programs, so contact me today to find out more!

6 Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Should be Your Newest Business Strategy [infographic]

  1. Reduce health insurance costs—As an employer, healthcare premiums contribute to a large portion of employee spend. By creating a healthier workforce, you can minimize these costs and help your employees reduce their personal healthcare costs as well.
  2. Cut back on absenteeism—While every employee deserves time off of work with regularity, chronic absenteeism can get in the way of customer satisfaction, meeting project deadlines, and more. When employees are healthier, they are less likely to experience illnesses and ailments that keep them from coming into the office.
  3. Reduce training and turnover costs—By implementing corporate wellness initiatives, you show your employees you care about them and their wellbeing. When employees feel supported and valued, they’re less likely to find work elsewhere, which can help you decrease training and turnover costs.
  4. Improve productivity and performance—Employees who prioritize their health and wellbeing are more likely to perform well when they come into work. With a more productive workforce, you can improve your company’s bottom line and enhance your business’ production.
  5. Create a positive work environment—Healthier employees are happier employees! If you want to create a positive work environment that fosters creativity and teamwork, corporate wellness initiatives can help you achieve this goal.
  6. Strengthen your corporate reputation—Once customers get word that you invest in your employees with different wellness programs, you’ll create a better reputation and even enable your organization to attract top talent.

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