Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

Everyone who sets out on a weight loss journey experiences similar emotions and obstacles. These issues will pop up on a daily basis and can make you or break you depending on how you approach them.

  1. Are you ready to lose weightI challenge you to answer the following questions (in detail) as they will be a daily focus for you on your journey.
  2. What contributed to your weight gain?
  3. What daily strategies can you putting in place on the daily to help you overcome this?
  4. What has prevented you from losing weight previously?
  5. What actions can you implementing today to overcome this behavior?
  6. Why do you want to lose weight now?
  7. Visualize how you will look, feel, and live when you achieve your weight loss goal? (Be as descriptive as possible)
  8. What is your weight loss goal? Set a realistic but challenging goal. (Include the specific date-month, day, year)

All of the answers to the questions above will present themselves on a daily basis. Be prepared to address them head on in order to succeed. To change your behavior you must focus on the future, which is NOT dictated by your past.

ACTION: Write out the answers to questions 2, 4, 6 and 7 somewhere you are going to see them as often as possible. For example, your phone screen saver, an index card in your wallet or desk.

Start each sentence with “I am……”

Review these notes on a daily basis as often as possible. You will be surprised by how many times you think about these notes. Implement these statements as actions as, often as possible.

Don’t make excuses and don’t hide behind your past. Every day is a new day and an opportunity to make positive changes to your body and your well-being!