Avoid Overeating

Avoid OvereatingIf you find you overeat, reach for snacks to give you energy or eat ‘just because’ these tips may be helpful to you.

Make time for your meals- If you wait until you are ravenous you will most likely choose foods because they are quick and easy. These meals aren’t usually balanced and you will probably end up eating more than necessary. Proper portion sizes and meal times will help prevent blood sugar spikes and subsequent crashes leaving you wanting sugar or caffeine.

Slow Down- Whether you are sharing dinner with a friend or eating alone, take time to put your fork down between mouthfuls to savour each bite and give your brain time to register your food intake.

Concentrate- You can cut down on your food intake by turning off the TV, putting your phone away and sitting down at the dinner table. Focus on the dining experience like you do at family dinners, rather than eating on the go.

Chew thoroughly – Have you ever counted the amount of times you chew one bite? The more you chew the more flavor and texture you will get from each bite. You will be satisfied sooner, meaning you eat less.

Recognize Hunger – Ask yourself if you are TRULY hungry or simply substituting food for an emotion like stress or sadness. Use your hunger scale and eat when you are at roughly 80%. If you aren’t really hungry go for a walk, have a cup of tea or call a friend to talk about what‘s on your mind.

Stop Browsing- If you often find yourself going to the kitchen to browse for snacks, more than likely they won’t be healthy. If you want a snack, get a small bowl so you can regulate the portion and avoid going back for seconds.

Most importantly listen to your body and feed it whole, natural foods.