Expert Tips for Creating a Holistic Nutrition Plan

Expert Tips for Creating a Holistic Nutrition Plan

As a registered holistic nutritionist, I understand that everyone wants to eat a healthy diet, but I also understand that it can be difficult to create an effective nutrition plan without professional guidance. After all, there’s a lot of conflicting information on the topic, and it can be tricky to tell useful information from pure myth. To help you create a solid foundation for a holistic nutrition plan, I’ve put together a short list of expert tips to get you started.

  • Listen to your body. A big obstacle many people run into when trying to stick to a new nutrition plan is that they get stuck on their food labels. In a holistic nutrition plan, your focus shouldn’t be on obsessing over calorie counts or nutrient percentages, but instead on listening to your body and observing how different foods make you feel. By tuning in to how different foods affect your mood and energy levels, you’ll be able to make healthier choices without having to read every label.
  • Focus on more nutrients, not fewer calories. Another useful guiding principle for a holistic nutrition plan is to focus on incorporating foods that are rich in nutrients, not poor in calories. Restricting your meals to only low-calorie options creates a mindset of lack, which will quickly have you feeling miserable, while working to include nutrient-rich foods will build a much more sustainable abundance mindset. The goal is to make positive changes, not to punish yourself, and this rule is a good way to keep the difference in mind.
  • Bring in the new. Related to the above point, I also recommend that any holistic nutrition plan focus on incorporating new options into your eating habits, rather than try to eliminate the old ones. Again, trying to cut out your old standbys is difficult, as it focuses on restriction, but trying to add new things–new recipes, more servings of vegetables–is a fun challenge that will keep you focused on all the rich possibilities that await.

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