Holistic Nutrition: Myth vs. Fact

Holistic Nutrition: Myth vs. Fact

Nutrition is a field that is prone to a lot of misinformation, such as conflicting ideas about what constitutes a healthy diet, or whether certain ingredients can cure or cause various symptoms. This confusion also extends to various nutritional approaches–in particular, I’ve encountered many mistaken ideas about holistic nutrition. As a registered holistic nutritionist, I want to provide reliable information about this field to counter these false claims, so in this article I’ll be tackling some of the most common myths about holistic nutrition.

  • Myth #1: Holistic nutritionists demand a vegetarian diet. Holistic nutrition looks at diet within the context of your overall lifestyle, and this integrated focus on the body AND mind has led to a reputation for being somewhat “crunchy granola” in character. Because of this, many people assume that a holistic nutritionist will force them to give up meat, but this is not the case. My goal is to help you create a nutrition plan that fulfills your individual needs, not to force you to adopt a diet change you don’t believe in.
  • Myth #2: Holistic nutritionists are judgmental. Another myth about holistic nutrition is that those who practice it are judgmental. In addition to fears about having to give up meat, I find that many people also hesitate to speak to a nutritionist because they worry that they will be judged for their current eating habits. Rest assured that I am not here to make anyone feel guilty about what they eat, but rather to help you assess your current diet and help you make positive changes.
  • Myth #3: Holistic nutrition demands perfection. Lastly, many people assume that those who take a holistic approach to nutrition eat healthy, nutritionally balanced food 100% of the time. Not only is this not true–I indulge in the occasional treat just like anyone else–it is also an unrealistic standard to set for anyone. Instead of setting a strict plan for you to follow at all times, I will help you develop the knowledge and awareness to build healthy and sustainable habits.

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