How and Why I Make Personal Training “Personal”

Personal TrainingIf you are feeling frustrated or stuck with your health goals, personal training is a great way to pick up some momentum and get back on the horse. Having a personal trainer by your side for your health journey is irreplaceable, since we offer encouragement, support, and direction when you’re not sure you can face another workout. It’s a no-brainer that personal training can make a difference in your life.

However, I do things a little differently than your typical personal trainer, with great results.* Most personal trainers focus almost entirely on the fitness portion of your overall wellness. When most people think of hiring a personal trainer, they think of someone who is going to put them through their paces at the gym and give them a good workout. While this is a great benefit to having a personal trainer, I believe that solely focusing on the training aspect won’t get you the results you want.

Another large part of seeing changing in our bodies, whether that’s weight loss or bulking up or toning, is what we eat. Nutrition is becoming more of a focus during training as people are realizing that you can spend hours in the gym, but without having the right diet, your body is not going to see change, or at least not very quickly. I offer nutrition counseling to help you figure out what type of diet will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

The last part of my personal training strategy is life coaching. A lot of what contributes to weight gain is emotional, and if we don’t address the hard questions of why you got to your current state, it will be difficult to change your behaviours that got you there. My personalized coaching will help you understand yourself and see your habits in a new light so that we can really begin to make progress with your goals.*

I take personal training to a new level, and if you are ready to see results*, I look forward to seeing you!

*Individual results will vary