How My RHN Certification will Help You!

How My RHN Certification will Help You! As many of my current clients know, I believe in focusing on the whole picture of health. When I work with you, I don’t just tell you what to change and send you on your way! Instead, we work together on making lasting habits that will improve your health, energy, ability to focus and even your sleeping habits. I’m very excited to announce that I have recently earned my Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ certification from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and have every intention of using what I have learned to help my clients.

When gaining my RHN certification, I dove deeper into a passion of mine: nutrition! Not only did I learn more about nutrition in general, but we also focused on how food in the right form and quantities can be used as a wholesome form of medication, healing ailments and issues that my clients suffer with. With my RHN certification, I am well-equipped to help you with issues such as low energy, weight gain, chronic illnesses, and so much more. I am thrilled to be able to implement this certification to my practice of helping people through holistic methods.

If you are like many of my clients who come to me with some poor eating patterns and an uncertainty of change, don’t worry. I go above and beyond for my clients to help them change habits in ways that are not only effective, but provide long-lasting changes as well. I serve areas such as Etobicoke, Burlington, and Oakville, Ontario, so please contact me today if you’d like to learn more about the changes I can offer you with my RHN certification.