Is Online Personal Training Right for You?

online personal training does provide similar accountability

If you are trying to lose weight, improve your fitness, or just lead a healthier lifestyle overall, then you may have already considered online personal training. Just like in-person one-on-one training, online personal training offers expert coaching and customized programming, with the added benefit of convenience for those dealing with a packed schedule. However, is this approach right for you? In this article, I’ll go over three key questions to ask yourself in order to determine whether online personal training is a good fit for your needs.

  • What degree of feedback do you need? In order to exercise safely and effectively, it’s important to maintain correct form. Because of this, people who have already had some degree of instruction in exercise and its forms may find greater success with online personal training than complete beginners. If you are relatively new to exercise, look for an online training service with a trainer who provides solid instruction on technique, and who will check in with you as an individual to make adjustments if necessary.
  • How do you stay motivated? One of the biggest benefits of working with an in-person trainer is the immediate accountability and motivation that it provides. Although online personal training does provide similar accountability, many people find it easier to skip out on online activities than they do in face-to-face meetings. Before choosing online personal training, ask yourself whether the trainer or service provides enough direct communications or check-ins to keep you motivated to stick to your plan.
  • What’s your schedule like? Many people have schedules that simply don’t allow them to meet with a trainer in person multiple times a week. If you are one of them, then online personal training can offer a solution. With my online personal training services, you’ll get targeted workout plans designed to be performed not just in the gym, but also at home or even outside. You’ll get the benefit of expert workout coaching at a time and place that works for you.

*Individual results will vary.