Is Personal Training for You? Here’s How to Tell

Personal Training

You like going to the gym, doing yoga in your living room, or taking a brisk walk with your dog in the evening. So, when you hear a friend talk about the results they’ve gotten by doing personal training, you may brush off the suggestion and think to yourself that you’re doing just fine. Even if you feel this way, personal training is still something you shoulder consider if you identify with one of these statements:

  • Getting fit and staying in shape overwhelms you—The choices of training philosophies, equipment, and exercise modes are plentiful and can be overwhelming. Personal training can help you focus on what you should do, what you should use, and how often, so you make real fitness progress.
  • You haven’t seen results for a while—Everyone hits plateaus, but if you feel like you haven’t seen results in a long, long time, hiring a personal trainer is the way to go. Your trainer can reimagine your workouts, pinpoint areas for improvement, and get you back on track towards improvement.
  • You feel like your form or technique is off—You’ve watched a video online hundreds of times or seen someone else at the gym do an exercise a certain way, but you just can’t seem to do it right. A personal training professional can correct your form, refine your technique, and make sure you’re doing things right, so you stay safe and injury-free.
  • You signed up for a specific fitness event—Training for an Ironman Triathlon, marathon, or any other intense fitness event? Think of your personal training professional like a coach who can push you to new levels and make sure you’re ready to compete.