Meal Prep Monday

Meal Prep MondayWhen you prepare/pack your meals I advance there is no guess work or guilt for fear of eating something you shouldn’t. You can time your meals appropriately so you know exactly what you are eating and when, which will bring you that much closer to your goals. By packing your food and bringing it with you, you will limit your moments of weakness leading to drive through and making poor decisions during hunger spells. You will waste less food or won’t have to worry about finishing all of the food on your plate (whoever conditioned us to do this growing up is full of it).

Some benefits of prepping you meals ahead of time:

– You will save money! Eating out at restaurants is expensive, not to mention the ‘healthier’ the option the more expensive it seems to be.

– If you don’t plan ahead you are making decision as you go, allowing your tummy to call the shots leading you to eat whatever you want. This is fine, but it will not get you any closer to your physique goals.

– Hidden calories, when you dine at restaurants there are always extra sauces and oils in the preparation of your meal that you may not even be aware you are consuming. By prepping your meals you can rest easy knowing that there are no ‘extras’ being snuck in to your food.


1) Set some time for yourself to prep your food. This applies to everyone, when you get home from the food store you should get in to the habit of washing and chopping up your veggies. I usually set out two days a week to prepare most of my proteins, carbs and veggies. If I have a lighter week I will cook more often to take advantage of fresh foods.

2) Start by prepping protein for your meals, and then add your starches and veggies. By cutting up your veggies ahead of time you will have a variety of options to add to your meals without slicing and dicing every day. Try and get as many servings of veggies you can per day, and a few servings of fruit.

3) Tupperware is your friend! Glass is best, followed by plastic. (Glass is preferred for re-heating food.

4) I love making salads for lunches throughout the week because they are healthy, easy to make and stay fresh for a while. Don’t get too complicated with your cooking, sometimes easy is the most delicious.

5) Have a back up plan. Throw a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts (in a re-usable container) in your bag. This way you will have something to hold you over if you get stuck working late or in traffic.

Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. No failing!