No Time for a Workout?

workoutLast Wednesday, I was up at the cottage and pumped to hop in the boat and head to town for my workout. That’s when a crazy storm blew in so I had to get creative.

Here’s a great workout if you’re on vacation and don’t have access to your regular weights/equipment but want to get your burn on!

Move quickly from one exercise to the next
Rest for 60 seconds, after you’ve completed all 5 exercises

(Don’t forget to perform a warm up and cool down for a few minutes before and after your workout)

Repeat this circuit 5 times:
20x alternating front lunges (exploding off of your heel when coming back to start position)
15x pushups
20x pop squats (deep squat, weight in your heels)
15x press-ups (forehead to the floor)
20x alternating jump lunges

Then complete 3 rounds of these ab exercises:
20x bent leg crunch (touch elbows to knees)
20x plank (alternating from elbows to hands)
20x scissor kicks (alternate left leg over right, then switch)

Simple and effective…and to my LA friends who make fun of me for referring to ‘the cottage’, it’s a small house on a body of water or lake also called a cabin, chalet or camp!!! LOL