Thanksgiving Survival Strategies

Thanksgiving survival strategiesWorried about overeating over the holidays? I’ve put together a few tips below to help you navigate your way through the weekend.

#1 – Get a workout in before the big meal!  Aim for a high-intensity workout that will have your metabolism revved for hours after leaving the gym.
#2 – If you know you’re having a big meal, stick to protein healthy fats and veggies leading up to dinner.  This way you won’t feel bad about having potatoes or stuffing.  Yes you can have these things but try and stick to your regular carb portions ie. ½ cup of starchy carbs at your meal.
#3 – Turkey is a great source of protein! Make sure you load up on veggies and drink lots of water.
#4 – Eat until you are 80% full so that you have room for your digestive juices to get in there and start working.
#5 – Move around! Offer to help out in the kitchen, play outside with your friends or maybe get everyone up for a walk after dinner.

Friday will be just like any other day, get right back on track! Sunday isn’t far away and you are less than 8 weeks out from your finally!!!! OMG yes I said it.

Last but not least, here’s a great workout if you’re out of town and don’t have access to your regular weights/equipment but want to get your burn on!

Move quickly from one exercise to the next
Rest for 60 seconds, after you’ve completed all 5 exercises

Repeat this circuit 5 times:
20x alternating front lunges (exploding off of your heel when coming back to start position)
15x pushups
20x pop squats (deep squat, weight in your heels)
15x press-ups (forehead to the floor)
20x alternating jump lunges

Then complete 3 rounds of these ab exercises:
20x bent leg crunch (touch elbows to knees)
20x plank (alternating from elbows to hands)
20x scissor kicks (alternate left leg over right, then switch)

Gobble Gobble!