The Benefits of Private Personal Training

Private personal training has the trainer’s focus on you

Everyone has their own motivations for getting in shape. Some of us do it because we like it, while others work at it because we like the way we feel once the exercise is done! If you haven’t exercised in a while, are looking for a change, or are hesitant to try exercising in a class setting, private personal training might just be for you. Here are some other benefits of private personal training that you should consider:

  • Personalized instruction. While classes are great for some people, others prefer personalized instruction, especially when it’s something they are nervous to try or need extra time to get the movements down pat. Private personal training has the trainer’s focus on you and you alone, so that you can get instructions on exactly the way your body needs to move to get the proper results.
  • Someone to hold you accountable. Some of the easiest dates you can cancel are the ones with yourself. Even if you tell yourself that you’ll get up early and go to the gym, once that alarm goes off, it’s easy to tell yourself you’ll go later. When you know someone is waiting for you, however, it’s much harder to push the snooze button!
  • Injury prevention. Private personal training sessions are great for people who have certain injuries or are worried old injuries will return. A private personal training session can work around a bad knee while still giving you a great workout session and helping prevent further injuries.

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*Individual results may vary