The Difference That Healthy Meal Planning Can Make in Helping You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Healthy Meal PlanningAs a fitness professional, I know how hard it is for people to lose weight and keep it off. People often have success for a time, but then old habits creep back in, life gets busy, and before you know it, you are back to where you started. I’m here to help you stop that cycle and take control of your weight for good*. A big part of that is healthy meal planning.

Healthy meal planning is key to helping you stay on track with your nutrition goals, which are central to long term weight loss maintenance*. Without planning ahead, we end up running through a drive-thru on the way home from work or pulling another box of mac & cheese out of the pantry. These last-minute meals may fill you up, but they aren’t very nutritional and definitely won’t help you lose weight. A weekly scheduled trip to the store will be key to healthy meal planning and help you stay on track with your goals.

Get into the habit of making regular grocery store trips and planning your meals in advance. Take the 20-30 minutes it takes once a week to pick out meals and make a grocery list. You’ll be able to make meal decisions ahead of time, when you’re not starving, to help you plan a healthy meal rather than something to satisfy your craving. Planning meals ahead will allow you to choose meals that you like and want to eat; you don’t have to follow some pre-planned diet. They are your meals, and you get to choose them!

Another benefit to your weekly grocery store trips is that you will be able to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in your home, which is key to a healthy diet. If you wait long periods of time between trips, you end up with limited or no produce in the home and end up eating a lot of shelf foods, which typically aren’t the healthiest.

Healthy meal planning is a great way to keep yourself accountable and on-track. If you have a plan and have shopped for your meals, you will be less likely to go off-course, since you have already spent the effort and money on your meal preparation.

As your personal trainer, I can help you with your healthy meal planning and figure out meals that you enjoy and that will help you with your weight loss goals*. Contact me today, and we will get you started!

*Individual results will vary