Tips for Improving Your Daily Routine During the COVID-19 Outbreak

gh online personal trainingDuring this time, it is very important to protect ourselves, our family members and those who are at greater risk to the COVID-19 virus. We can each do our own part by complying with the regulations in our communities and practicing social distancing.

Basic hygiene and social distancing are incremental in “flattening the curve”, but we also need to support our physical and emotional health now more than ever to help us get through this.

I am working virtually with clients, providing support through online personal training and nutrition coaching sessions, as well as access to home workouts through my app.

Over the last few weeks, our day-to-day schedules have changed dramatically, and many people are encountering new challenges when it comes to healthy eating and working out.

Having the structure of packing your lunch, going to work and then heading to the gym for your favourite workout class doesn’t exist right now. By creating a new routine, it can help add structure to your day with designated times for meals, physical activity and play.

Here are some ideas on how you might improve your daily routine:


  • Wake up – try to set your alarm for the same time each day.
  • Take 10 deep belly breaths before getting out of bed and then set your intentions for the day.
  • Exercise – stretch, walk or run to support circulation and the immune system.
  • Breakfast – include protein such as eggs or a plant-based protein smoothie to help set the tone for the day and keep you satiated until lunch.
  • Work – if applicable, put on some instrumental music to help you focus on your tasks and remain calm during stressful situations.
  • If you can, set up your workstation away from the kitchen so you aren’t snacking unnecessarily.

nutrition coaching sessions


  • Take a designated ‘lunch break’ free from distractions of media and news headlines. Ideally a half hour or more.
  • Prepare your meal and sit down at the table to eat.
  • Your lunch should have protein, complex carbohydrates and veggies (think of lots of colour) to help you get all the important vitamins and minerals.
  • Go for a walk after lunch, get some fresh air to help set the tone for the rest of the day.
  • Work – if applicable
  • Have a mid-afternoon snack if you are hungry. Example: Greek yogurt with a piece of fruit at 3PM. Don’t wait until you are starving, as you might find yourself reaching for junk food unnecessarily.

Tips for Improving Your Daily Routine


  • Plan your dinner and carve out time to sit and enjoy your meal, without TV or social media.
  • Don’t forget to include vegetables with your dinner, as this is usually the first food group to get missed in times of stress.
  • Call or video chat with friends and family members, if you can’t see them in person, at least you can see them online.
  • Turn technology off two hours before bed. Get out that book you’ve been meaning to read; this is a perfect time.
  • Bedtime

If you need additional support finding healthy meal ideas or home workouts, please contact me today so I can help you stay on track during this time.