What Makes Holistic Nutrition Different?

Holistic nutrition holds with the same core beliefs

In today’s world, there is a deluge of nutritional information available with a few simple keystrokes. Despite the abundance of information available, it is often still difficult to find real answers about what constitutes nutritional best practices or to see any real results from the latest nutritional wisdom. In my practice, I use an approach called holistic nutrition. In this article, I’ll be going over what makes this method different from traditional approaches and why I believe that the holistic framework will yield better results.

The holistic view of health holds that your individual health outcomes are the result of a complex interplay of different factors, including the physical and chemical aspects of your body, but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual outlook, as well as the quality of your environment. Holistic nutrition holds with the same core beliefs while focusing specifically on your food intake and diet. While traditional nutritionists tend to focus on a narrow set of standard nutritional guidelines, a practitioner of holistic nutrition will take the time to get to know you as an individual and identify your particular needs. Together, you and I can work to identify your particular weaknesses, then create workable strategies to help you overcome them.

In the traditional nutritional approach, a lot of the interaction between nutritionist and client goes in just one direction, with the nutritionist giving instructions that you are then expected to follow. With my holistic nutrition consultation services, you and I will work together to create a plan to achieve your goals while still working within your lifestyle and circumstances*.

*Individual results will vary.