Why a Strength Training Program Should be Part of Your Workout Routine

Strength Training ProgramIf you are more than a couple of decades old, chances are that you’ve seen the rise and fall of a few workout trends. Every year, you’ll see someone touting the latest and greatest in the exercise world that is going to help you lose weight. While fad exercises will come and go, there’s one form of exercise that has been around forever and always gets great results: strength training. I want to show you how a strength training program can be a great addition to your lifestyle!

When you strength train, you use different movements to employ resistance, ultimately increasing your muscle mass. Because increased muscle mass is often a result of participating in a strength training program, many females used to avoid this form of exercise, mistakenly believing that strength training would cause them to bulk up. In reality, females do not gain nearly as much muscle as their male counterparts, but just appear to have more muscle tone and definition. Additionally, females should strongly consider participating in a strength training program, since doing resistance exercises can strengthen their bones.

In addition to stronger muscles and bones, a good strength training program will help you burn more calories throughout the day — even if nothing else changes! This is because muscle uses more calories than fat, even when you are in a resting state. Still not convinced? Strength training can also reduce chronic pain, be a great motivator for continued healthy lifestyle changes, improve your balance, and so much more!

I would love to help you get started with a strength training program. Contact me today for more information.