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Sarah was a huge help to me as I pursued my weight loss. She helped craft a diet and workout plan that met my needs. She knows when to push you, when you need positive motivation, and when to step back with you and evaluate your situation when you hit a bump in the road. She knows what you need, when you need it. With Sarah’s guidance and motivation, I lost over 30 pounds and got rid of the love handles that I’ve had my entire life, and for the first time in my life, I have a six-pack! Sarah, YOU ROCK!

- Chad

The best thing I could enjoy during lockdown was doing virtual home workouts with Sarah! She is a wonderful trainer and really made me want to get back into good shape. No equipment needed. She teaches the right exercises to do to get in a great workout even if you’re living in a small condo! I highly recommend her.

- Lauren

Sarah provided a fun and easy way for me to commit 2 times each week to an overall body workout that I’ve been able to do with her on video with no home gym and no equipment. It has been keeping my body physically and mentally strong during this pandemic. She mixes up the workout every class, and there isn’t a move I haven’t been able to do yet. She also suggests modifications. She’s a great motivator, brings positive energy, and is an awesome teacher/trainer!

- Steph

Sarah is a first-class, world-renowned coach, and with her, your entire life will change! She helped me deal with the issues I had with food and laziness, and now I have turned my eating around and have AMAZING new habits that will stick with me forever! She knows exactly what to do to take you to the next level.

- Cortni

I’m a few months in from my first session with Sarah. My energy levels are up, my waist size & bloating are down, and I am stronger and healthier than ever before. She provides a well-rounded service, focusing on nutrition as well as exercise so that I achieve my weight loss & toning goals quicker. Sarah formulated a diet breakdown personalized for me in great detail, including other lifestyle factors such as my lack of time due to being a busy mom to three kids.

A month before working with Sarah, I had joined a gym and had started working out on my own. She helped me iron out mistakes in my technique and identified things in my routine that were holding me back in achieving my desired results.

Most importantly, her calm, gentle, incredibly understanding, reassuring approach made training and my dietary lifestyle changes fun and not scary. I’m not the greatest at checking in, scheduling weekly phone calls, or always sending my weekly updates on time. Thank you, Sarah, for understanding that sometimes I get sidetracked by mommy duties and my family.

One of my favorite things about working with Sarah is her accessibility online. We had weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, and she was so open to answering all of my emails whenever I had a question. Because of Sarah, I have truly found a passion for fitness. A big thank you for introducing me to something I never thought I’d be into. 

- Lillante

I had an absolutely amazing experience training with Sarah! She created a personalized workout structure that fit my lifestyle and schedule. She was able to guide me to my goals, and I’m extremely happy with the results.

- Bryce

Sarah is dedicated, professional and reliable! She truly cares about your personal well-being and achieving your goals! She is focused but fun and lifts your spirits, always bringing out your best!!!

- Noelle

Sarah was my trainer many years ago, and she was incredible! I would highly recommend her!!

- Deborah

Sarah is amazing! She made me feel so comfortable, she never judged, and she provided support and motivated me! She worked with me by personalizing my meal plans to a plant-based diet, and her workouts were great! I would highly recommend Sarah!

- Aletha

Sarah and I have been training together off and on for a few years now, and every time I lose focus, she helps me get right back on track. She is kind, motivating and determined to help you get where you want to be. I’ve been able to do workouts from home with her twice a week, and it has been a great stress reliever. Even with no equipment, you get an amazing workout in. I would highly recommend Sarah!

- Jessica

I have had the most amazing experience working with Sarah on my nutrition and fitness goals! She is personable, kind and super positive. The energy that she brings to each session has made all the difference in helping me persevere through the ups and downs of my weight-loss journey. The workouts she has created for me are perfect for my fitness level, while still pushing me towards my goals, and are simple enough for me to continue at home! Any time that I had a challenge with my nutrition or a question about an exercise, Sarah was always there to support me and make changes if necessary. Thank you so much, Sarah!

- Adeline

When I first started working with Sarah, my goal was to focus on building better nutrition habits and lose 25-30 pounds. Right from the beginning, she was so supportive and motivating for me to reach those goals. Each week we would discuss any challenges I encountered and the successes. She provided me with a breakdown of what I should be eating, how to track it and gave me lots of recipes to try. She gave me specific workout plans to do throughout the week and would also train me personally once a week. I cannot say enough about her amazing support and how her coaching has changed the way I look at nutrition and the importance of working out. I have definitely developed the proper nutritional skills and healthy lifestyle I wanted by working with Sarah. Not only did I build those skills and lose my initial goal of 30 pounds, but I was able to lose an additional 10 pounds for a total of 40. I would definitely recommend working with Sarah!! Thanks again, Sarah, for everything you’ve done!

- Erin

I’ve been working out with Sarah now twice a week for the last month or so. My results are amazing, and in a short period of time, I am watching my body transform. Sarah provides a safe and positive workout space, and she monitors you closely throughout the session to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly so that you get the best results and prevent injury. I strongly recommend Sarah no matter your fitness level.

- Michelle

I have really enjoyed the virtual workout sessions with Sarah. There is a good variety of exercises, covering many areas in what ends up feeling like a very short time. It’s great to get through a workout without looking at the clock! The pace is good for many levels of fitness while doing group sessions, so I would encourage anyone to join. I felt energized after the class was done, and that is a huge part of why I want to work out in general. Thank you, Sarah. See you again soon!

- Claire

If you’re looking to change for the better, I highly recommend Sarah to be your fitness coach! What are you waiting on? Just do it!

- Antonio

Sarah’s style is warm and personable. She challenges you to achieve your fitness goals with a balanced approach, pushing you to succeed, yet patient with the process. Under her guidance, I have lost 30 lbs. and I’m in the best shape of my life! I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah as your personal trainer and nutritionist if you want to achieve your fitness / health goals.

- Sandy

I am so happy to be able to share my results working with Sarah!!!! She is absolutely amazing, I feel incredible! It’s like she has a sixth sense or something. She knows exactly what to say and what you need to hear to keep you motivated and inspired on your journey. She’s extremely personable and really listens to your goals to help you become your best possible self and get the body you only dream of! I would recommend her to anyone!

- Cinderella

Sarah has the gift of motivating and inspiring those she works with to achieve health and wellness in every aspect of their lives. The motivation she supplies to those around her is truly incredible. I would recommend her and her services to anyone who has tried to better themselves and hasn’t seen success on their own. She will guide you to your goals!

- Corey

My weight loss journey has been a great success with Sarah. She has helped me tremendously with reaching my goal. I started off weighing 161 at 5″3. I wanted to lose 30 pounds, but with Sarah’s help, I was able to lose 33 lbs.!!* WOW!! I now weigh 128!! YAYYY!!!

She helped me push pass those mental limitations. When I started, I was depressed and couldn’t believe how I let myself go after having my daughter. Sarah was there every step of the way, helping and guiding me through it all and helping me overcome those tough obstacles.

Sarah is not only a coach; she is a true genuine friend that helped me love myself again and reach my fitness goal.  I look at myself now and feel like a million bucks!!! I feel like I can take on anything that comes my way.  I am a stronger, leaner, healthier me. She taught me how to make better food choices.

Thank you, Sarah, for being a great coach and friend and helping me free myself and show the real me!! I FEEL BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU!!!

- Sharnae

One year ago, I met Sarah. Like many other overweight people, I was having problems with my weight and I was uncomfortable about my body. Buying new clothes was so hard and stressful, and thinking about a bikini was something impossible for me. When I started training online with Sarah, my body started to change. In about 5 months, I lost 31 pounds* and gained confidence. She was so sweet with me and always cared about my feelings and goals. She gave me so much support and help. She made a personal menu for me and specific training plan according to my needs. She taught me how to change my bad habits and start a new healthy and active lifestyle. Little by little, my fat melted away and my body started looking better and better. When I was sad or frustrated about my goals and thinking that it was impossible to reach my weight, she found the way to cheer me up and made me feel better. She always told me that I could do it and that she was by my side to help me get to my right weight and size. The best thing about meeting Sarah was not only losing weight, but it was also that I gained a good friend. To me, she is the best personal trainer and life coach. Thanks, Sarah. - Barbara

Sarah really changed my life around. When I first met Sarah, I was not motivated and was in the worst shape of my life. I felt very comfortable working with her from the very beginning, and I really love the fact that she always made herself available whenever I needed her support. With Sarah’s guidance, I learned to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise routine, diet (Sarah’s personalized meal plans are so good!) and best of all, positive mindset.

Now I feel and look the best I’ve ever been, and I cannot imagine being where I am today without Sarah’s help. I’ve gained so much confidence, and she truly made me believe that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. She’s very patient and kind and always keeps you motivated.

I’ll be forever grateful for Sarah’s amazing support and help, and she will always remain in the special place in my heart.*

- Ji

I’ve always wanted to lose weight and have the body that I always wanted, but I totally didn’t know where to start. Before meeting with Sarah, I had no motivation or clue that I could transform my body. I felt so sluggish and fat every day of my life. For 18 weeks, Sarah motivated me and guided me to live a healthy lifestyle. Each week, I would update her with results, and I lost weight so fast! I never had anyone motivate me or push me like Sarah did. She’s amazing and supported me through my entire transformation. I was 170lbs in July 2012. By April 2014, I maintained my weight at 5’9, 135-140 lbs.* The workout and nutrition plan that Sarah provided for me is still a part of my everyday routine. The best part about working with Sarah is that she is a total sweetheart and she makes losing weight simple. I’m totally comfortable with Sarah because she is so knowledgeable about health! Almost 2 years later and she is still not only a motivator, but a dear friend of mine! I’m so grateful for Sarah’s support and the time she took to transform my body. - Ziyadah

I met Sarah on this day when I felt completely out of control of my life and with food.  Sarah took me on as a trainee, and she implemented a very strict (but doable) diet plan and workout regimen.  She also sprinkled my brain with inspiring quotes, and next thing I knew, I had a weight loss/life coach extraordinaire in my immediate circle (AKA my new best friend).

At first I was a little overwhelmed.  Not only was I changing my eating habits, but my entire lifestyle!  I didn’t think I could cut out alcohol, sugar and social eating.  Lo and behold, I DID IT!!!!   Sarah’s nurturing guidance gave me the strength and power I needed to rise up above my negative thoughts and get the task accomplished.  Sarah helped me get my body back.  Actually, Sarah helped me look better than I have EVER looked in my entire life!  I look better than I did before I gained all the weight.  Within 5 months, I was ripped and down 32 pounds.*

Sarah’s guidance pushed me to get fit, live healthy and accomplish other goals in my life.  I was struggling to reach certain goals because of my confidence. I was holding myself back.  After I lost the weight, I gained the confidence I needed to release my own album and music video.  I also got to live out my dream as a fitness model!  Wow!  After Sarah’s help, I landed a fitness modeling gig with Celebrity Trainer Bob Harper from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”.  I have never looked better or felt healthier!

With Sarah, I have completely transformed my life.  I have people ask me every day, “How did you do it? What is your Secret?”  My secret?  Coach Sarah Hudson. - Bryan

My weight loss journey with Sarah was truly amazing.  She was able to help me find the motivation that I was lacking.  She is knowledgeable about fitness and really knows how to help keep you motivated.  She helped me lose 31 lbs.!*  Even at my weakest points, she was there to help encourage me, and she never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up. Sarah helped me change my life.  Losing weight is only half the battle.

Sarah helped me develop a lifestyle change that will benefit me for the rest of my life.  Thank you, Sarah!!!

- Lacey

Naturally, I am an introvert and do not open up to many people. I was so nervous to meet Sarah for the first time because I was fearful of what she might say or how she would react to me. Thankfully, my fears and worries were VERY short-lived. From the moment I met Sarah, she welcomed me with open arms and treated me as a friend. When I met Sarah, I had no self-worth, confidence or self-esteem, but these traits didn’t last long. Throughout my experience with Sarah, she refrained from the role of drill sergeant and maintained the role of genuine, caring friend. The only times I felt insecure were because I made myself feel that way. Sarah was there to remind me I had no reason to ever feel down or upset. Somehow, Sarah is always able to find the BEST in everything AND everyone. Deep down in our cores, we all have self-worth; sometimes we just forget it exists. Sarah is the person you can count on to remind you of your self-worth. She brings out the BEST in you, and she is the person you can count on to help put your best foot forward. Sarah is definitely educated in all things relative to weight loss, fitness and nutrition, but what I felt made my experience as successful as it was is her heart. She genuinely cares for people. She truly feels our goals are important and views them as her own and will never let you fail. She will never give you a reason to give up or quit. My experience was so much fun. It was life-changing in ways I never imagined were possible. Sarah motivated me each day and gave me the positivity I needed to stay strong and stay dedicated to myself and my goal. I couldn’t be more grateful. Being blessed with the opportunity to meet Sarah, work with her and learn from her was by far one of the greatest opportunities I’ve experienced. Sarah isn’t just a coach or a trainer; she is a genuine friend. - Christine

I am truly grateful for the encouragement and direction of Sarah Hudson. Through her dedication and faith in me, I was able to reach my optimum health and lose 42 lbs.* She gave me a thorough education on how to become healthy. From my daily diet to my detailed daily exercise plan, she was there to educate me and encourage me. L

et me tell you, it’s not easy to lose 42 lbs by yourself. I know; I tried for years! I was so blessed to have Sarah there for me when I was struggling and tell me, “Yes, you can do it! You don’t need that junk food, and working out is so wonderfully beneficial for you!” Here I am, 42 lbs. lighter and very happy! I now know how to live a healthy life that’s going to keep me thin and happy. I’m so thankful for Sarah and I believe I could not have done it without her! - Meagan

I met my boyfriend and fell completely head over heels in love and got the “boyfriend body” . . . you know, the kind that just goes out and eats out on dates or cooks comfort food for him. You start becoming comfortable with one another and want to spend every waking moment with that person and you forget about your family, friends and the gym.

Problems with the boyfriend developed, and I became less confident. I was always cranky and sluggish and I knew I had to make a change, but I had to be ready. I had tried for years but I never actually finished anything or even committed to a healthier life style. SARAH was a godsend. Not trying to be melodramatic or cliché, but I could not have done it without that support I needed, that void, that help, that friend who understood what journey I was on and that discipline I lacked at times.

Sometimes, if not for myself, I would do it for her so I wouldn’t let her down. In order for you to fully understand what exactly I am talking about, you have to just talk to Sarah ONCE, and that is it. She is the most genuine, giving person I have ever met. I guarantee she will always give you her undivided attention, her honest opinion and will have your best interest and be behind you the whole way.

With dedication, I lost 30 pounds*, which felt more like 100 pounds of sadness, anger, and unhappy, miserable emotions that I was carrying around along with those 30 lbs. To some, it may not be much, but I was not HAPPY or satisfied where I was at in my life, physically and emotionally. I now live a healthy lifestyle that Sarah shaped for me and guided me through my own exercise regimen that I cannot live without. She was my lighthouse when I was really lost in vast ocean of uncertainty. (That was deep; pun intended) Thank you, Sarah.

- Mirna

Today, I am really happy with my body; I went from a size 11 to a size 3.* With Sarah’s help, I was able to get the support, help and the assistance I needed to succeed. Sarah has helped me through my struggles, and she was that extra push I needed. She had the knowledge and coaching experience that I did not possess.

The best part about meeting Sarah is that she educated me by teaching me different workout routines and nutrition, and I am now able to apply this to my daily life. It is my lifestyle now and a way of living healthy. Even at my weakest moments throughout my journey, I felt comfortable to talk to her and be honest about my weaknesses. Sarah was very reassuring. I definitely recommend her for anyone who wants real results.

- Janet

When I first met Sarah, I had no idea of what I was capable of physically or mentally. A big part of my problem was nutrition, and she provided me with the knowledge that I needed to change my eating habits and lose weight. I was to follow her fun and yummy meal plans along with workout routines (she’s serious about those, lol). I feel that in order to really change and transform, I needed a plan, motivation, and support. Sarah gave me that and much more. Altogether, I lost 33 pounds!* Wooohoo!

- Jessica

The most important thing I learned from Sarah is to not let negativity infiltrate your thoughts. She reminded me daily that anything is achievable. She is inspiring and caring and gives herself completely to helping people. I worked with Sarah for only a short period of time before she ventured off to claim her current brilliant career, but I will never forget the guidance she gave me. Every time I step foot in the gym, I hear Sarah’s voice telling me, “You can do it – you’re so much stronger than you think!” For that, I will be forever grateful.

- Annalisa

Before I began training with Sarah, I believed that I wasn’t an athletic person and exercising just wasn’t my thing. I grew up in the South, where soul food was very much a part of my diet. At 26, I was at my heaviest and was not comfortable in my own body. Sarah educated me on how to eat to properly nourish myself without feeling like I was “dieting” or depriving myself of food. ln addition, she helped me overcome my fear of lifting weights.

With her help, I lost 15 pounds in 14 weeks.* I had significantly increased my endurance, had a flat stomach and toned legs! I feel that she gave me the tools and knowledge to set me up for success with my fitness for years to come!

- Rebekah

We had the lovely opportunity to have Sarah Hudson do one of our Lunch & Learns on wellness basics. She was very well-prepared with her interactive presentation and interesting handouts. She made the topic extremely appealing, encouraged questions and gave some tactful examples. Moreover, we had a wonderful and insightful experience that taught us how to worship your body and live a healthy life. I would highly recommend her for any wellness and nutritional coaching session, as no doubt she will go above and beyond. - Omaer , YM Inc

I always wanted to be healthier and reach my goal weight, but it seemed impossible and I always lost my motivation because I never saw results. Once I decided to stop making excuses and commit to my journey toward a healthier lifestyle, Sarah was the constant that I needed.

The fact that she was so confident in her knowledge about health and fitness allowed me to let her in and trust her with helping me reach my goals! I found myself looking forward to our workout sessions and exploring new healthy food options! She answered any question I had about what food to eat for energy and to speed up my metabolism or what exercise would help me with my problem areas. She helped me set reachable goals and conquer them! For once, I felt like I had someone who really cared as much as I did if I reached my weight loss goals, and that amazing feeling is what kept me motivated.

Her patience and kind heart made it easy for me to talk to her about my difficulties that day/week and what negative thoughts managed to find their way into my head. Whenever I did have a day where I felt down or discouraged about reaching my goal, she would listen, give advice, and offer inspiration in a way that would put a smile on my face and prove that I am on the right track– so I stayed committed! I really felt like she believed I could reach my goals, and she celebrated every small accomplishment with me!

Once I did reach my goal, (47 lbs. lost!!* YAY!!!!!) Sarah became more than an inspiring trainer; she became a friend, someone I could count on when needed. Ultimately, Sarah helped me to become the kind of person that I always wanted to be! I thought my weight loss achievement would be enough in itself, but because of that, I became a more confident, proud and happy person!

- Ashley

*Individual results will vary.

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